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Monday, May 11, 2009


Okay, here goes nothing. This IS a great idea, Mary; I only hope that I can learn how to participate. I'll try. Kayla's 5th and final final exam was today, she's working tonight, and we will go get her and move her home tomorrow night. Megan still has a couple of weeks of school left, and her soccer season is coming to a close with Regionals this Friday night. My Postmaster Installation ceremony is coming up on May 21st. Instead of my swearing in, Ed calls it the day I get sworn at. (Just for that, I'm making him wear a suit and tie:) Ed has been trying to plant garden in between rains. It just doesn't dry out before the next rain comes. Tilden and Richard both graduate on Friday, the 22nd. Kayla and Megan are both taking summer college classes. Megan is taking Political Science and Sociology at Lincoln Land Community College, and Kayla is taking Physics at StLCop and Sociology online through Lincoln Land. No rest for the weary!

Love to you all! I'll try some pictures next time.

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