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Sunday, April 19, 2009


This looks like a great idea!! Aunt Mary, currently my room is a disaster zone and I am about to move in a week or so. How about I get you a picture AFTER I move. :) It is finals time and although I do not have any exams I am keeping very busy! The residents move out all this week. I have to work ten hours of check outs over the span of the week....plus some I am sure. On top of that I have to get ready for transition to the spring/summer semester and yet more classes in the spring! I am really excited for the summer! I will be here on campus working, taking classes, and continue my position as a camp counselor at a summer camp. Hope this has updated you a little bit!! I am sure I will write more sometime!

There are a few pictures below. One from camp last year and one from a program I put on in my complex. Part of my RA job is to provide programs for residents to attend. Another RA and I teamed up to put on a two day sex ed program. This is day two. We had the professor of the class Psychology of Sex come and talk and answer questions. It was very successful!! This program won program of the year!!! :D


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  1. Wow, Rena, congrats on the Program of the Year! You knew just what topic would draw college kids, huh? :) I'll bet it was fun!


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